Baby Shower, Gender Reveal party and Grandparent(s) keepsake bundles are rentals only. Tied sash on burlap bag may vary depending on the weight of fabric.

BASIC Baby Shower/ Grandparents Gender Reveal

  • It's a Grandson/ Granddaughter, It's a Girl/ Boy, Proud Grandparents live here!, "Jump for Joy, it's a BOY!", A giggle a curl, it's a sweet baby GIRL!", Blue or Pink, What do you think?, The Baby Shower is Here! , He or She, Which will I'll be?, Awaiting Precious Cargo, Shower here!

  • It is the homeowner's responsibility for payment of any damages caused to the Baby Stork MD yard sign by moving the sign, lawn mowers, weed eaters, or by attaching balloons. When the balloons pop the sun bakes the latex onto the sign causing permanent damage. Thank you for your cooperation.